Sunday, August 31, 2014

National Security? For Obama to have any interest ISIL would need to become this! (Video)

How can Americans hope to get Barack Obama engaged and invested in forming a strategy to defeat ISIL, a terrorist group sworn to our demise?

Obviously the national security threat isn't enough to get the job done so our only hope is that there's some way to convince the President of this:

Until he formulates a strategy to destroy ISIL, fundraising venues like the one in Newport, RI where he spent Friday will be made permanently unavailable! And while we're at it access to golf courses would be restricted as well.

Want to see action? That will get action and it might be the only way!

And when I say destroy ISIL I don't mean wait a year for a government in Iraq to be formed or negotiate with the terrorists or look for a diplomatic solution to the problem or cede control of the problem to the UN or wait to act until a coalition of other nations is somehow cobbled together.

I mean do what he should have done when he was first aware that the problem existed a year or more ago which is to be engaged, make a decision, be a leader and destroy them!

And the mansion below in Newport, Rhode Island where he jetted off to on Friday for a fundraiser before jetting off to NYC for more fundraisers over the Labor Day weekend?

It is on the market for $19MM and the price of admission for any liberals dumb enough to want to meet our failed Commander-in-Chief and equally worthless House Minority Leader was a mere $15,000 - $32,400!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Talking Politics: An unnecessary business risk?

Should politics always be left out of a business conversation?

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Synagogue in France targeted! Wake-up America and smell the halal!

Jihadis and Islamic extremists have no borders and certainly no limitations in terms of the death and destruction that its participants seek to invoke on innocents everywhere!

To prioritize the targets number one is Israel, number two are Jews anywhere else and number three includes any non-believer who does not fall into category one or two.

My fear is that many Americans, lulled or perhaps coerced into a sense of complacency by the Obama White House, do not fully understand the enemy that we are up against.

This is not just an Israeli problem or a European problem but is in fact a global problem of epic proportions.

Read and familiarize yourself with some of the issues we face!

Barack Obama: Can a President actually be this incompetent by accident?

Knowing Your Enemy Part 2 (Graphic video and disturbing photos)

Liberal Primer on Extremism: Know Your Enemy (or risk being destroyed by them)

And, as you celebrate the long Labor Day weekend, do not take lightly the fact that Britain raised its terror alert level or that Barack Obama has no strategic plan for dealing with ISIL or any other terrorist group or nation.

France: Two Teenagers Arrested Over Synagogue Suicide Bomb Plot

Two teenage girls have been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to blow up a synagogue in Lyon, Newsweek reported on Friday, citing French news websites...

“These girls were part of a network of young Islamists who were being monitored by security services,” the source was quoted as having said. Security services are becoming increasingly concerned with online radicalisation, particularly following the proliferation of videos created by jihadist groups such as Islamic State.

Anti-Semitism has been on the increase in France over the last few years, but there has been a surge in anti-Semitic incidents since Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s self-defense military operation in Gaza to end the rocket attacks from that region...

H/T The Muslim Issue

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White House response to Sgt. Tahmooressi petition for release!

If only U.S.M.C. Sgt. Tahmooressi was a deserter or member of the Taliban!

If he was either of the two the Obama White House would be falling over itself to secure his release from a Mexico prison where he languishes for making a wrong turn!

But alas he is merely a United States citizen who served honorably in the United States military and is also suffering with PTSD.

That being the case our Commander-in-Chief has not so much as lifted a finger to get him home.

The inaction by this administration is an unmitigated disgrace meaning that it comes as no surprise and, to put it into terms that Barack Obama can understand, par for the course!

Here is the tepid, useless and feckless response by the White House to a petition signed by over 130,000 demanding that the Obama administration do something, anything, to get Tahmooressi released.

Demand Release of U.S.M.C. Sgt. Tahmooressi Suffering with PTSD from Mexico Imprisonment

Response to We the People Petition on Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

The U.S. State Department continues to provide extensive consular assistance to Mr. Tahmooressi, and will do so until his case is resolved. As in all cases when a U.S. citizen is arrested overseas, our goal is to see that Mr. Tahmooressi is treated fairly during the judicial process with the hope that he can receive the support, both emotional and medical, that he may require now and at the conclusion of the proceedings.

Mexico is one of the United States’ most important partners. We have close economic and cultural ties, and we work closely with them on numerous sensitive issues. While we will not go into detail about our private diplomatic discussions on this case, U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, have spoken to Mexican officials at the highest levels regarding Mr. Tahmooressi’s case.

Mexican authorities have been very willing to engage on this issue. They have provided prompt and continued consular access and visitations. As a result, the State Department has been able to provide regular updates on Mr. Tahmooressi’s condition to his family, Members of Congress, and the press.

We respect the rule of law and expect the judicial process of sovereign nations to protect other U.S. citizens who might find themselves in similar circumstances in the future. We will continue to monitor the case and work with the Mexican authorities as this case proceeds through the Mexican judicial system. We continue to urge the Mexican authorities to process this case expeditiously.

H/T Pundit Press

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Irony: Ellis Island hospital tours begin as illegals pour unchecked over our southern border!

Ellis Island Hospital
Back in the day when immigrants arrived in droves at Ellis Island in New York Harbor, getting checked for infectious diseases at the hospital there was step number one!

And along with the medical check came a legal check as well.

And, despite what was an open door policy that sought to allow as many immigrants through as possible, over 250,000 people who failed these tests were sent back to their country of origin on the same ship that brought them here.

Ironically, starting in October when tours of the hospital there begin, people will be able to see where America did as much due diligence as she could on those people who desired to come and assimilate into our culture.

Compare that precaution to today when at the southern border of the United States, to my knowledge no such checks are being done which means that people contagious with diseases ranging from TB that's non-responsive to medicine to Ebola may be walking among us.

Some who may or not have an infectious disease may instead have criminal backgrounds that should also make them unwelcome here.

But again to my knowledge no checks are being conducted.

The irony is that since 1954 when Ellis Island was closed, for some politicians a lack of common sense and the desire to garner votes has apparently remained static as they offer American citizens no protections against potential for crime or disease!

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Barack Obama: Can a President actually be this incompetent by accident?

What brings me to ask that question of a President of the United States?

In other words how can anyone question the moves and miscalculations of the leader of the free world when he chose run for office in order to serve and protect the American people?

Because everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, if mistakes are made aren't they made having had the best of intentions for them to have not been mistakes?

Weren't decisions made in good faith and in life not everything can work out exactly as we had planned?

You would think that would be the case but as the anecdotal evidence piles up with move after move and non-move after non-move, even the most non-cynical among us could become a cynic.

So as this is nothing new, what happened this morning to inspire these thoughts?

Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan

Remember the Fort Hood shooting that was called a 'workplace violence' incident by the 'experts' in the Obama administration?

You know Nidal Hasan who, before opening fire to kill, wound and maim  over 40 American soldiers and civilians, shouted Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar which means "God is greater' in Arabic and is typically invoked by suicide bomber right before they kill others by weapon or simply detonate themselves in a crowd of innocent women, children and men.

The incident that was famously called 'workplace violence' by the Obama administration?

Well Nisan, the piece of crap who is what everyone other than Barack Obama and his team knew that he was, wrote the following to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

"I formally and humbly request to be made a citizen of the Islamic State,”Hasan says in the handwritten document addressed to “Ameer, Mujahid Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

"It would be an honor for any believer to be an obedient citizen soldier to a people and its leader who don't compromise the religion of All-Mighty Allah to get along with the disbelievers."

Can it simply be incompetence?

I have asked the question here many times before but here it is again!

Can it actually be possible that Barack Obama is so incompetent that he has orchestrated what has become a global attack on non-believers by Islamic extremists purely by accident?

Of course there's the theory that people rise to their level of their maximum incompetence (the Peter Principle) so that could be the case, but to me what is happening in the Middle East seems to be much more than a case of ineptness on the part of an unprepared US leader.

After all even the worst professional baseball player gets a hit 2 out of 10 times at the plate. Wouldn't that same low standard be expected of a President?

And yet, to my thinking Barack Obama has not reached even that minimum threshold.

Here is an incomplete list of moves, non-moves and blunders made by this President (not including anything domestic):
  • His original Middle East apology tour,
  • Continual insistence on using diplomacy and negotiation with an enemy that doesn't understand what those words mean,
  • Insistence that strong-arm leaders somewhat tolerant of the US step-down (i.e. (Mubarak in Egypt) to make way for what the Obama administration said was a mostly secular and not terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Allowing Iran to go on its merry way to a nuclear bomb,
  • Lack of support for our only true ally in the Middle East Israel,
  • Support for and help in furthering the Arab Spring, 
  • The whispering in the ear of Medvedev that his flexibility (aka impotence) would increase after the 2012 election, 
  • The Syria non-redline redline, 
  • The telegraphed pullout of all US troops from Iraq, 
  • The release of five Taliban soldiers in a prisoner swap and, 
  • Allowing ISIS to metastasize with no plan in place to stop them (with many more instances in between).
The saddest part of all of this? That anyone would ever be brought to the point where the intentions of a United States President could be questioned.

Even Jimmy Carter, as incompetent a President as there ever was, couldn't have his blunders questioned for anything more than what they were.

To close, the best that I have to offer at this point, is that I truly hope that history will show that what we are seeing out of this administration is simply incompetence and nothing more!

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Video Humor: Andrew Klavan on speaking the language of the Left

If your politics are anywhere to the right of center this video by Andrew Klavan will assist you in trying and understand what a liberal is saying.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to win an NFL Survivor Pool!

It's that time of year when the leaves are falling off of the trees, the sun is setting a little bit earlier every day and in the not so distant future the NFL football season will be kicking off!

For many of us that also means that the time has come to enter a Survivor Pool where one team is picked each week with no spread and once a team is used it can't be used again.

If it sounds easy it's not so I wanted to give some of the steps that go into the strategy that will hopefully allow you to win.

Or at least hang around for a few weeks!

Read about it in an article at LinkedIn here.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Right, wrong or indifferent? Emirates Airline and the U.S. Open

Emirates Airline as a US Tennis Open Sponsor: Right or wrong and is the question even relevant?
Spending the day at the US Tennis Open in Queens, New York or watching the coverage on TV, one can't help but notice that one of the tournaments main sponsors is Emirates Airline, owned by the government of Dubai!
As an American, not to mention an American Jew, the question I asked myself was whether for me personally Emirates Airline represented an appropriate face of the national tennis tournament of the United States?
My answer? I didn't think so but then again I supposed that in the same way Qatar and Saudi Arabia are 'friends' of the United States, conventional wisdom would say Dubai is as well.
Given that reasoning all is well with the sponsorship.
But on the other side of the argument, for American Jews, Israelis and Jews in general is Dubai a place we could call home or even be allowed to call home? Is it a place we could say that we would even be tolerated?
I do know that in 2009 Dubai refused to allow Israeli tennis pro Shahar Peer a visa to play in a tournament there and that Dubai currently has no diplomatic ties with Israel.
Final Resolution!
While the money of Emirates Airline and the government of Dubai is very green and very plentiful, I wondered whether there aren't any other deep pocketed potential sponsors that may be slightly more appropriate than this one?
Perhaps there are and then again perhaps there is absolutely nothing wrong with the association and my personal sensitivities are merely getting in the way of good business.
When you get right down to it, Barack Obama is not the best friend that Israel has ever had in the White House and advertising from American companies certainly isn't going to be banned!
And what about the sordid past of another major sponsor, Mercedes Benz.
Upon further review, I suppose that if the US Open were to ban advertising from countries and corporations with an axe to grind against Israel, the walls around the courts would be empty of logos and the prize money for the men and women's singles champions would be a hell of a lot less than $3,000,000!
Additionally, the question I am asking here is based on the narrow view of one consumer in a very narrow demographic.
As anecdotal proof of this narrowness an online search didn't find this question over Emirates Airline appropriateness being asked anywhere else.
Finally, if you were to extrapolate this idea out to where acceptable advertising at a venue is based on the metric of cross-border disputes, I suppose that we could get to a point where very little advertising would be acceptable anywhere.
Just a thought!
Final Resolution? Play on!


Housing Recovery: Illusion or Reality?

Is the statistical recovery in the residential housing market for real or are they actually misleading and storm clouds are looming on the horizon?

Read the article at LinkedIn here.