Thursday, December 31, 2015

Overcoming Glossophobia! (Infographic)

Odds are that at some point in the past you've suffered from this affliction that makes your stomach turn and your head spin!

And odds are that it will happen again in the future!

But there is hope if you utilize some or all of the tips in this infographic!

Read about them in the infographic at this LI article.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Housing In 2016: A Repeat Of 2015?

In many markets around the United States 2015 was a year of explosive price movement to the upside.

In this regard NYC comes to mind and, the question is, can 2016 be a repeat?

Will prices continue to rise or will Russians and Chinese buyers turn elsewhere for places to 'hide' their money?

Read more in the article 'New York City Housing Market: 2016 Predictions!' here.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

NewsBusted: Why Obama has earned his Hawaii vacation! (Video)

After all, ruining a nation is very hard work!

That story and more covered in the newest edition of NewsBusted with Jodi Miller.


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Video Compilation: Jihad In Unexpected Places!


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Warning: Politically Incorrect Morning Conversation

While we know that customs and societal norms around the world can vary widely, whatever happened to basic civility?

Read this and you'll see what I mean... 

Warning: Some may consider this to be somewhat politically incorrect and yet, at the same time, very funny.

I got so mad this morning! I was out for a walk when I came across a group of  three women who I thought were Muslim wearing traditional garb. 

I thought to myself I should make an effort and try to speak with them to better understand their culture and welcome them to mine. I spoke to them for about ten minutes without a single response. Not a sound. 

Angry I was about to lecture them for being so rude when I realized...

I was actually talking to three outdoor umbrellas!

H/T Max and Lill


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Monday, December 28, 2015

Ticking Pension Time Bomb!

It's ZIRP and so much more!

How does your state stack up?


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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fed Failure: Why don't we have inflation like this?

Real estate and stocks have been doing very well but...

Economics 101 says we should have inflation after the amount of money the Federal Reserve has put into the system!

But we don't and this article explains why...

'If Money-Printing Equals Inflation, Why Don't We Have Any?'


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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The slow climb...

Is the Feds move to raise interest rates going to proceed too slowly? This former chief economist thinks that may be the case!


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Friday, December 25, 2015

Is ISIS Planning A July 4th BBQ?

43 propane tanks stolen in Philadelphia!

Is ISIS planning a huge July 4, 2016 BBQ to celebrate the groups infiltrating the United States through Obama's plan to bring over Syrian refugees?

After all you can never plan too soon and maybe, just maybe, the group comes in peace, wants to be friends and plans on throwing a party on our Independence Day as part of an attempt to assimilate into our culture and society.

Or was the crime in Philidelphia unrelated to ISIS and terrorism and actually has to do with something else?

News Flash out of Philadelphia...

'Police are trying to find two men who they say stole 43 propane tanks from two industrial sites in the last week, and have alerted their Homeland Security division as a safety measure.

Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum says the division has been alerted because of the number and size of some of the tanks taken "out of an abundance of caution...' (Source)

Of course the theft must be for something other than terrorism!

After all, both Jeh Johnson and Barack Obama will tell you that ISIS (their ISIL) has been contained in the Middle East and we have nothing to worry about here at home!

And they never lie!


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Thursday, December 24, 2015

UPS Time Lapse Video: How Your Present Get's Under The Tree In Time!

The time lapse video in this article shows how packages move through the UPS facility, Worldport, in Louisville, Kentucky.

This Tuesday alone 36MM packages went through there!

Watch the video in the article Time Lapse Video Of How UPS Packages Move Through Worldport, Louisville, Ky! here.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Reputation Management: A Political Lesson To Be Learned!

When it comes to reputation management the first name that comes to mind today is Chipotle for its handling of an E. coli outbreak!

Many feel that, to quote Donald Trump, in this regard the company has been a 'disaster'!

What lesson can be learned by all of us, particularly our elected officials, about the trifecta of words integrity, reputation and trust?

Read more in an article at LI, 'Reputation, Integrity And Trust: Hard To Earn, Easy To Lose!'.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hitler vs. Obama And A Complicit Mainstream Media!

While the actions of Barack Obama in no way correlate to the horrors perpetrated by Hitler, the wanton disregard of the facts by the mainstream media then and now seems somewhat similar!

Concerning Barack Obama and the tingle going up the mainstream medias leg...

  • Was the problem simply the initial lack of any vetting by the mainstream media prior to the first presidential election that brought Barack Obama into the White House? 
  • Was it the conscious decision to ignore the facts that helped shield Obama's past and true ideology from the American sheeple voters? Voters who are preoccupied with the Kardashian's and who were, and still are (see Hillary Clinton), more than willing to be spoon fed the facts (as the MSM sees them) by others?
  • Or is it the fact that throughout these seven years we have had to deal with what will likely go down in history as the worst administration in the history of our country (you're welcome Jimmy Carter), the mainstream media has neglected to do its job that is to report the news and has instead decided to editorialize the news?
Concerning the 3rd bullet point, the mainstream media could not do what it does without the help of 50% or so of the American people who only get their news at 6:00PM or 11:00PM on one of the networks. 

It's these citizens who are willing and happy to take the news shoveled at them by ideologues masquerading as news professionals at face value (see Obamacare, Benghazi, Syria redline, Iran nuclear deal, Syrian refugees, state of the economy, national security, terrorism, etc.)!

Unfortunately the other 50% of us who actually look under the surface of the news are left holding the bag right along with them!

So to be clear I do not present the following article to compare Obama to Hitler, but rather to show how the mainstream media seemed to be as unwilling to do its job of reporting the actual news in the 1930's and '40's as it still is now.

From The Daily Beast...

'The American Papers that Praised Hitler'

'They fell hard for the job-creating Führer with eyes that were like ‘blue larkspur.’ Why did so many journalists spend years dismissing the evidence of his atrocities?

“The train arrived punctually,” a Christian Science Monitor report from Germany informed its readers, not long after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. “Traffic was well regulated” in the new Germany, and policemen in “smart blue uniforms” kept order, the correspondent noted. “I have so far found quietness, order, and civility”; there was “not the slightest sign of anything unusual afoot.”

As for all those “harrowing stories” of Jews being mistreated—they seemed to apply “only to a small proportion”; most were “not in any way molested.” Overall, the Monitor’s dispatch declared, the Hitler regime was providing “a dark land a clear light of hope.”

Why did many mainstream American newspapers portray the Hitler regime positively, especially in its early months? How could they publish warm human-interest stories about a brutal dictator? Why did they excuse or rationalize Nazi anti-Semitism? These are questions that should haunt the conscience of U.S. journalism to this day...' Read the rest of the article at The Daily Beast here.


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Recession 2016? The evidence says...

Question about consumer spending:

In 2016 will falling crude prices finally provide the much awaited for benefit to the consumer that will translate into spending and result in a boost to the US economy (a de facto tax cut)?

Or, is the declining price of crude more than simply a supply/demand issue and actually a harbinger of a recession to come?

Read the article at LI here.


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